I’ve known Ben for several years and actually met my boyfriend, Aaron through him. My family connected with Ben through mutual friends and then he brought Aaron along to IN for a youth event several months later. I never even saw it coming. 😉

Ben has also played a big part in some of the dramas we’ve performed, traveling down from WI in the middle of the workweek to practice. With a stoic look that easily switches to clowning around and goofing off, he’ll soon have the entire room laughing. I’ve always thought he would do well in a villainous role but he also plays class clown just as effortlessly.

Along with being charming and handsome, Ben has a gift with children. More than once I’ve seen him take time and include a young child other’s might have overlooked or not had patience with.

Good luck with your acting future Ben. I can’t wait to see the work you’ll be a part of! (And when you’re rich and famous, I’ll brag about being your friend.) 😉

Actor’s Headshots – Ben

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