Sunset was at 9:20 so we scheduled the session to start at 7 pm. The location was set, outfits picked out, and everything was ready to go for a maternity shoot the following evening. I was working at my computer the next day when my phone suddenly buzzed. Glancing at the clock I picked up my phone; 10:31 am. Seeing a text from Sarah I figured she wanted to confirm some final details for the maternity shoot. I opened her text and my mouth fell open. She had sent “Welcome Brantley Oliver,”  along with a photo of the new baby.

Laughing at little Brantley’s determination to avoid another day cramped up in Mommy’s tummy, I sent back a big “Congratulations!” Born several weeks before the expected due date he weighed a very healthy 9 lbs 2 oz. so he must have known he wasn’t early. As the youngest grand-baby he raised the number to 33 grandchildren and joined 3 little already cousins born this year. I can just imagine the schemes those four little boys will come up with!

With only ten years between us, Sarah has become more of a friend and sister than aunt. I’m privileged with frequently having the title of “Aunt Karen” even though her babies are my cousins. 🙂 I was absolutely delighted to spend time cuddling a new little cousin and watching big sister Isabella kiss his face continuously til I finally managed to capture the shot. Alan is such a proud father and I loved watching him and Sarah interact with their precious family.

Family Newborn Session – Alan and Sarah

  1. Sarah Yoder says:

    OH. MY. SO BEAUTIFUL💞…….Thank you Karen! These photos are forever keepsakes!! 💞. So precious- I absolutely LOVE your style! And your blog is delightful to read! I was so happy that you could come over the other day and we got to have a long conversation…..! I love hearing about your adventures and listening to you as you process all the things of life!😍 you’re so beautiful inside and out and you may always be “Aunt Karen” to our children!😘 I love you Karen! Thanks again!

    • Karen says:

      Oh my goodness. I am literally almost crying right now. This so precious and close to my heart; it’s the reason I do what I do. 🙂 Thank so much for your sweet words Sarah! Love you too!

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