As the children and grandchildren gathered around the table this Christmas, they felt extra grateful. Ray and Martha celebrated their 38th anniversary this year and are still recovering from an accident that could have cost them their life. When a freak accident pinned Ray between his smashed vehicle (with Martha inside) and the gas pump earlier this fall, the future looked uncertain. He was airlifted in critical condition and Martha had several broken ribs. With severe facial injuries, 11 broken ribs, and other injuries, Ray was sent home after only four days in the hospital. After hearing all the details and the extent of the accident, I realized more fully the treasure this family was gifted this Christmas.

Upon meeting the family, you can’t help but notice the love and joyful sibling rivalry. As the brothers finished their photos, they were surprised with snowballs from two sneaky sisters. This of course resulted in a full blown snowball fight and girls making a mad dash for the house! 😉 Even with a whirling snowstorm and freezing temperatures, I haven’t met many people more excited and enthusiastic for their session. Those are my absolute favorite clients and Ray & Martha’s family was a true joy and pleasure to work with.

Ray, Martha, and family, thank you for allowing us to share this special day with you and for the reminder of how precious the gift of life truly is. Happy Holidays!

Indiana winter family photos  Indiana winter family photos

          Indiana winter family photos Indiana winter family photos

Indiana winter family photos

Indiana winter family photos

Indiana winter family photos

Indiana winter family photos

Indiana winter family photos

Winter Wonderland Family Session – Ray & Martha

  1. Carolyn says:

    Karen….thank you for sharing so beautifully a bit of our family’s story. You have captured our family beautifully! And am looking forward to seeing all of them!!

  2. Esther Bontrager says:

    These photos are BEAUTIFUL!!!😛 What a treasure!
    Thank you, Karen and Aaron, you guys were warm and professional.

  3. Gina says:

    Karen! Love Love! Thanks for being willing to freeze your tootsies and fingers to capture these moments for us!

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