We were almost convinced she wasn’t going to do it. Nate and Nadine have 3 beautiful children with the bluest eyes you ever did see. Zachary and Mariah, the two oldest, loved the camera and were some of the easiest children I’ve ever photographed. Angie, the baby of the family, was a different story. I was a big scary stranger with a big scary black machine and when I raised it to my face, she was convinced she didn’t want it close to her.

After multiple attempts at getting a posed photo with her siblings, we were all almost ready to give it up for the night. But just as we were getting ready to wrap up, we were in for a surprise. Next to the gravel drive where we were shooting was a patch of sand. Finally free, Angie suddenly discovered it.. First, she tentatively wiggled her little toes in it, then grabbing whole handfuls, a smile lit across her face. Her delight in the giant sandbox lasted for several minutes as she was absorbed in her own happy little world and my camera fired rapidly. Wanna know my favorite part of the whole night? It was those last few moments. Those raw, honest moments that captured a piece of her I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

Nate and Nadine, thank you so much for the opportunity to make memories with you and capture a glimpse of your lives. I hope you’ll look back fondly and treasure this season. We were so inspired by the confidence and joy in your children and know it’s because of who you are as parents! 🙂

Indiana Family Session

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