Curled behind a large, uprooted log, we held our breath. Our hearts were beating in our chests and every muscle was ready for action. The afternoon sun shone brightly after a morning shower of snow flurries. It was mid April but the late cold front brought a chilly wind with it. Lacey green leaves frilled around us and the scent of wet earth promised of spring.

Suddenly, we heard voices. “They’re coming!” I whispered to Aaron as I peaked around the end of the log. Pausing as they walked over the bridge, he faced her and leaned in for a kiss. Only seconds passed but it felt like hours as we waited for him to drop to his knee before we started shooting to prevent from ruining the surprise. “Now!” Quickly, I stepped out from behind the log, ran forward a few steps, and quietly started shooting.

I cringed at the noise of my shutter but Lisa was totally oblivious. A look of surprise and delight filled her face before she wrapped her arms around him and we knew the answer was an obvious, “yes!” Caught completely off guard by the surprise of the proposal, she was even more surprised to look over and see us there, capturing every moment. After congratulating them on their engagement and Lester on pulling off the surprise proposal, we took a couple “just engaged” portraits before we left them to celebrate and take it all in.

Lester and Lisa, congratulations once again! Honestly, you are the reason I’ve chosen to focus on weddings and couple photography. Seeing young people believe that, despite the odds, building a thriving marriage is still God’s idea, is such an inspiration! Enjoy this next season of planning a wedding and a future together! All our love…

Surprise Forest Proposal | Karen Ellise Photography

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