The last weekend in May, my best friend, Grace, married my uncle Jesse, (we’re only 6 years apart so it’s not weird, haha!) Aaron, Jaden, and I, along with two of my sisters flew out a week beforehand. Being long distance we didn’t get to be a part of their relationship and wedding planning as we might have otherwise so it was really special to have that week with them.

Where We Stayed in Libby Montana

Grace’s brother and his wife hosted us in their beautiful log home Airbnb, Legacy Lodge. The rest of my family came later in the week and stayed with us as well but the first few days we had the 3 bedroom upstairs apartment all to ourselves. The wrap around balcony porch, vaulted ceilings, and a beautiful log bar were some of my favorite features. We didn’t spend a lot of our time there since we were busy with wedding prep but it was amazing to have such a cozy space to come home to and relax in after a long day.

I spent the first of the week helping Grace pack up her belongings and move them into their tiny little house they’ll be living in after returning from their honeymoon. There was also always plenty of cleaning. dishes, and general upkeep to do with everyone busy with the wedding so of course, that meant pitching in wherever help was needed.

Our 2nd Anniversary Coffee Date Getaway

Our 2nd anniversary was on Tuesday before the wedding and my sisters graciously took care of Jaden while Aaron and I snuck away for several hours to 7 Seeds, a local coffee shop. I almost broke my spiced chai habit that day but at the last minute I decided to go with my old faithful. Cozied up in a corner with our drinks, we shared our hearts; the good and the bad, and talked about dreams for the future.

Grace’s Bachelorette Party

I finally got to be a bridesmaid since my friends are catching up and getting married 😉 so on Thursday night we all drove over to Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho for the bachelorette party. After a delicious outdoor dinner in a shady garden, we headed to the cabin where we were spending the night. Grace gifted us all a beautiful lavender satin robe to wear while getting ready and after she opened her gifts, we ate chocolate and painted our nails until bedtime.

Grace and I went to bed a little early and talked a while before falling asleep. I hadn’t really had a chance to talk with her since we had all been so busy and it was special to talk about “married stuff,” silly things, and everything in between.

Wedding Day and No Power!?

The wedding was on Sunday so the couple days before that were filled with setting up the reception, making the bouquets and centerpieces, and the rehearsal. Late Saturday night, Montana was hit with an unusually violent thunderstorm. Much of the community lost power and twas still out the next morning when we got up at 5:00 to start getting ready for the 9:30am outdoor ceremony. Thankfully the Meadowlark Log Homes office was connected to a different line and we were able to move up there to get ready.

Just as we were almost ready, it suddenly started pouring rain and looked like it was going to go on for a while. After checking the radar and making some quick decisions, the ceremony was postponed until 12:30. It cleared up by then and though it was pretty chilly (I was shaking uncontrollably through the ceremony, haha!) the rest of the day was beautiful. Grace spent a lot of time on the details and it showed; her wedding day was absolutely stunning and such a perfect representation of who she is.

I shared quite a few pictures of our trip on my Instagram stories earlier but here are some photos from the bachelorette party.


Floral Design: Karen Elise Photography

Bridesmaid Dress: Normony Design

Hair & Makeup: Kristiann Photography & Karen Hershberger

modest lace bridesmaid dress

Our Libby Montana Travels for Grace & Jesse’s Wedding

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