Before they ever really knew each other, he made her realize what kind of guy she wanted to marry. Lisa was part of a youth group leadership team, along with Lester’s parents. This meant they saw each other quite a bit but they never really talked. Then, one day after a weekend youth event, Lisa stayed late to help clean up. Together, the two of them went outside and started taking down the volleyball net. For the first time, they actually talked and immediately hit it off.

As time went on and they hung out in the same groups, they became good friends. Soon, it was more than friends, but neither of them talked to the other about it. Finally, Lester worked up the courage to tell her how he felt and asked if she felt the same. Although she definitely liked him back, Lisa wasn’t sure she was ready to let herself love and be loved again after a previous relationship. She told him that she didn’t feel the same and quickly went inside, knowing he would see the truth in her eyes.

Later that night as they were together at their Saturday youth night, a friend innocently asked if they were dating to which Lisa emphatically replied, “no!” He didn’t let it go though and later asked Lester, “Did you ever consider dating?” You can about imagine how Lester felt at this point and he made it very clear that “now was not the time!”

After spending the night in turmoil, Lisa knew she had to tell Lester the truth. On Monday they were at another youth event but Lisa kept pushing it off. As the night wore on and they were almost ready to leave, she finally told him that she like him back. Almost a year later, I got a call from Lester, telling me that he was going to propose on the anniversary of that day.

Lester and Lisa, thank you so much for the wonderful time at your engagement session! I love the way you have fun together and the excitement you share about this special season in your life. Marriage is not without its challenges, (as I’m sure you’ve discovered with dating as well,) but it’s also so rewarding and fulfilling. I know that as you commit to constant growth and open communication, you’ll reap the rewards of marriage done God’s way. Enjoy this season of engagement and wedding planning, we look forward to celebrating with you at Coppes Commons in October!

Indiana Engagement Photography | Karen Elise Photography

Indiana Engagement Photography | Karen Elise Photography

Lisa & Lester’s Indiana Sunset Engagement Session

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