My sister is Zander’s nanny which makes me his “almost aunt.” Doris met Richard and Emma Lou a little before their son, Zander was born. They were looking for a nanny, as well as a part time business assistant and it was a match made in heaven. Through that relationship, I’ve gone to visit Doris at their home and have become rather attached to Zander.

As Doris has shared about her job and friendship with Richard and Emma Lou, I’ve grown to respect them as people who are passionate about living fully and giving generously. I’ve also heard that Richard is quite the jokester and I’m still holding out for a payback story from Doris.

Emma Lou reached out to me several weeks ago, sharing that she’d like to schedule a short and sweet outdoor family session since Zander just turned one. I was really excited to hang out with them as a family and finally meet Richard. It was a chilly cloudy day with a brisk breeze blowing when we met up at one of my favorite local locations.

Everyone was shivering and Emma Lou’s knees were shaking but you couldn’t tell by looking by the photos below. Zander was such a little champ and seemed to think it was a grand adventure even as his little nose turned pink. We only shot for about 10 minutes which was a good challenge for me. Usually the best photos happen at the end once everyone is a little more comfortable but there was no warming up to be had this time, (pun intended,) and they absolutely nailed it!

Indiana Fall Family Session - Karen Elise Photography
Indiana Fall Family Session - Karen Elise Photography

Indiana Fall Family Session - Karen Elise Photography

Emma Lou & Richard’s Family Session

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