A crisp fall breeze stirred the air. The scent of damp leaves hung softly in its wake. Brilliant hues of scarlet, orange, and gold mixed with the soft earthy tones of the changing season. We had initially scheduled Sarah and Roman’s family session three days earlier. The past week had been dreary and wet but we had been hopeful that it would clear up.

The forecast looked promising but as morning turned to afternoon, the drizzling rain showed no signs of disappearing. So, we tried again. And then again. Finally, on Sunday afternoon, after bouts of bright sunshine and heavy clouds rolled across the sky all day, I decided to stop trying to figure out the weather’s plan.

Aaron and I headed to our session location and hallelujah, the weather finally cooperated. Sarah and Roman are the sweetest couple. As young parents, I know first hand the challenges of having young children. Our two little boys are so special and I love them with all my heart. But with work, keeping a home, and taking care of two little people who require a lot of time and effort, it can be a challenge to find time for each other.

It feels a bit like Aaron and I are in the thick of it right now but I know it’s just a season. Seeing the love and connection between Sarah and Roman was not only beautiful but also encouraging. Marriage isn’t always easy and I know we’ll be faced with challenges all our lives. As hard as certain seasons can be, facing them alongside the person you love more than anyone else in the world, will always be worth fighting for.

Sarah and Roman, thanks so much for trusting us with your family’s memories! I know this season of having young children will be gone before we know it. It was my absolute joy and honor to capture these fleeting moments and I hope you’ll always remember them with fondness.

Sarah & Roman’s Fall Family Session

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