We started off Joanna and David’s session at Boulder Hill with a five year anniversary portion. Joanna wore her wedding dress and David, his suit. Almost five years ago, several weeks after Aaron and I started dating, I got a phone call. David and Joanna were getting married in a few hours and they wanted someone to take some photos. It was my first wedding ever and I was so excited!

Never mind that it was almost pitch black outside and I was borrowing Aaron’s point and shoot camera because it had an on camera flash. At that point, I was shooting on a video camera that had a photo option. Since they were getting married at night, at a local park, I needed a flash.

Looking back, I have to cringe. But, it was my starting point and for that reason, it’ll always be special. Although I deliver much higher quality images today, I know those photos are still special to David and Joanna because it’s “their wedding.” Nevertheless, it is pretty cool to be able to photograph them five years later and see how much my style and skill has changed.

We had originally planned to shoot outdoors for their second outfit but when we headed out, it was really cold and windy. The sunset was really pretty but when it’s too cold, especially with little ones, it quickly becomes less fun. We headed back inside and it was immediately obvious that the girls were much happier. They began to run around and were more relaxed than they had been before.

David and Joanna, you have the sweetest little girls! As a boy mom myself and no “little” sisters, I especially enjoyed spending time with them. My sister, Doris, and I are also only 16 months apart. Although we had our squabbles, today she’s my best friend and I’m so thankful to my mom for raising us the way she did. Keep up the good work!


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