It’s been an interesting week. I was sick, which is always fun, (note the sarcasm.) Aaron is training to join the local volunteer fire department. It’s something we’ve talked about before but last year the training took place right when we were expecting Julian’s birth. Let’s just say I have a whole new appreciation for military wives and families. Not to mention, single moms!

Having Aaron gone two nights a week feels pretty significant when we’ve pretty much done everything together since we were married. I love being a mom and wouldn’t have it any other way. Still, no matter how much I love my boys, there are days when I feel like I’m just “surviving” until Aaron comes home. Sometimes I just need a little break from being “on.”  Most often that’s the time when I try to catch up with tasks that have been bugging me all day that I simply haven’t gotten to.

Motherhood is intense. It’s beautiful and fulfilling. I find a lot of joy in it. But mostly, it’s a lot of work. There are days when I feel like I didn’t do much more than take care of my children. Then, I have to remind myself of something. Keeping little humans alive is kind of a big deal. Not only did I keep my children clothed and fed but I genuinely cared for them. I cuddled, read, and played with them when I had a counter full of dishes that I felt needed to be washed. On the days when I feel like I need to choose between my children and homemaking, I hope I always choose the one that matters more. 

I’ve chosen to work from home and that of course affects my schedule. I can’t do it all, and anytime we add something to our lives, something else has to give. For me that sometimes means my house isn’t as clean as it might be if I didn’t work. We stay home a lot. It’s what we’ve chosen for our family and what works for us.

Speaking of work, I had a lot of fun last week photographing Willie and Malinda’s family. I met them at a local park where they had some spots picked out that were special to them. Their outfits were so cute and their whole family was so sweet! 

Willie & Malinda’s Family Session & Motherhood Musings

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