Good morning from my kitchen table. The sun is shining in upon my back as I finish up the last of my coffee. My two year is enjoying a second breakfast of oatmeal porridge while my four year is listening to music. I’ve got homemade heirloom yogurt straining through a cheesecloth. It’s been a little runny the past two times and I’m not sure if it’s just a fluke or if it’s time to start over with a new starter. I need to start a batch of sourdough bread. Which brings me the fact that I left my sourdough starter a little wet last night and it’s currently reclining on my counter top and the outside of the jar.

In general, it’s a very average day of homemaking. I’ve got weekend cleaning to do and then have plans to help my local flower friend, Kelsie, from Joy Blooms by Kelsie, prune her roses. I’ve been growing shrub roses for three years now and feel pretty adapt at pruning them but she also has some climbing roses that we’ll be tackling together. I’m very much a University of Google student so after watching a few more videos, I think I’ll be ready to take the plunge.

My cut flower seedlings are growing quite happily and I’ve got pepper plants that desperately need to be transferred from their germination tray and potted up to plug trays. My first bedding daffodils are starting to emerge from their buds like little yellow soldiers waving in the breeze. The bedding daffodils blooming so early this year tells me that my cut flower tulips and daffodils will also probably be earlier than I expected. If you’re ready to enjoy some spring blooms or would like to give them as gift, be sure to check them out here.

Until next time, enjoy the spring weather and go watch Gardener’s World if you need some gardening inspiration. 🙂

March Daffodils and Homemaking

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