I’ve heard it described as the last birthday you really look forward to. I’ve decided that’s not for me. With getting married at 18 and having my first baby at 19, my life has been an adventure and I’m not about to change that up just because I’ve hit the supposed golden age.

This past year has been one of more growth, intentionality, and vision than any of the previous years of my life. I think that comes with the territory of getting older and taking on more responsibility but it takes effort nonetheless. I was a night owl for many years but I’m finally convinced that the quiet mornings before it gets hot and as the world is waking up are some of the best hours of the day.

Daily Life

My favorite way to start my morning is to go outside and wander through my garden and flowerbeds and then make a stop at our chicken coop and visit my ladies. I grew up thinking of farming as stinky and poopy and while there’s a bit of that involved because they are animals, so much depends on management. With regular maintenance and a focus on cleanliness, there’s so much to be enjoyed and learned by observation and even friendship with your animals.

This summer has looked different than I expected but it was exactly what I needed. I’ve spent more time in my home and it’s truly becoming an opportunity to create for my family and a space to invite others into, sharing joy, inspiration, and friendship. The regular canning and preserving season is in full swing and the lessons I’ve been learning come only with time and experience. There’s a lot to be learned from others but the little nuances truly only come with repetition and learning on your own journey.

Business Goals

Aaron and I are both business owners with lawn care being his primary focus and wedding photography being mine. There’s always the overlap since he second shoots for me and then I join him in the numbers side of lawn care. I love that we’re both helping each other yet we each have something we’re the main visionary for.

My goal for wedding photography has also become more defined this year. I always wanted it to add value to our lives rather than it be something that took me away from my home (which is my first priority) all the time. With that being the goal, I’ve decided that shooting 10 weddings a year, along with those engagement sessions, is where I want to go. Wedding photography is a creative outlet for me and along with being profitable, supporting godly marriages is something I believe in with all my heart.

Modest Lace Wedding Dress |Karen Photography

Wrapping it Up

My goal for this year was to shoot five weddings and I’m still needing to book one more to hit that goal so if you know of someone who might be a good fit, send them my way! 🙂

To wrap it up, the last year of my life was amazing with all it’s lessons, challenges, and joys! It’s my life goal to grow in wisdom, character, attitude, joy, and selflessness every year. If that’s where I am at the end of my life, I’ll consider it well lived.

I’m 21! My Birthday Thoughts and Goals

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