When it comes to planning a wedding, I think choosing your wedding color scheme is one of the most exciting parts! Your aesthetic sets the mood of your entire wedding day. It affects everything from choosing your venue to the color of your bridesmaid dresses, flowers, and even the invitations. When it comes to deciding on your wedding vision, here are a couple things to consider.

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The setting of your wedding can really help you choose your wedding color scheme. If you’re getting married on the beach in Hawaii, choosing from casual shades of blue, ivory, tan, or gray creates a cohesive look with the natural environment. In contrast, the same colors might look a little out of place in a mountaintop ceremony in the northwest. Taking a look at the colors around you can give you a jumping off point but don’t be afraid to be creative and do something completely unique.

How to Choose Your Wedding Color Scheme | Karen Elise Photography

Time of Year

The time of year can also help you make a decision on colors. Light pastels fit beautifully into spring while bright, bolder colors like coral and teal complement summer’s deep, vibrant season. Rich earthy colors like gold, brown, and burgundy are perfect for fall while jewel and icy tones go well with winter.

Home Decor & Fashion

Take a look at the things you already own and love. This might be your go to color combination when putting together an outfit. What colors are you drawn to when choosing the paint colors in your home or bedroom? Are you drawn to clear bold colors when shopping for your wardrobe or do you lean more towards dusty shades like mauve and smoky blue? Looking to what you already love ensures that your wedding color scheme stays true to who you. It’s also a good way to infuse your unique personality into your wedding day.

How to Choose Your Wedding Color Scheme | Karen Elise Photography

Get Inspired

Browsing Pinterest, magazines, and art can help you find a fresh look that you might not have discovered otherwise. Paying attention to color combinations you love and the mood they set will help you when you’re ready to start making purchasing decisions.

How to Choose Your Wedding Color Scheme | Karen Elise Photography

Putting it all Together

Once you’ve decided on your color scheme, pick one main color. This might be the color of your bridesmaid dresses or of a statement table runner at your reception. You’ll also want a neutral color to bring some stability to your colors. This might be black or dark gray tuxes as well as the color used in your furniture decor. Your accent color (or colors) can be used throughout the day to add a contrasting pop. Your bridal bouquet may have bits of this color as well your ceremony and reception decor.

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How to Choose Your Wedding Colors | Karen Elise Photography

How to Choose Your Wedding Color Scheme

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