Are you wondering how to choose your wedding venue? From white chapels, ballrooms, gardens, estates, and ranches, the options are endless. So how do you choose a wedding venue that’s true to you as a couple, within your budget, and memorable for your guests? I’m sharing it all below to help you find the venue for your perfect day.

How to Choose Your Wedding Venue | Karen Elise Photography

Theme & Colors

Choosing a theme and color palette for your wedding is the framework of your wedding day vision. If you’re envisioning a fresh spring wedding with classic white florals and blush tones, you might want to look for outdoor gardens, estates, and white chapels. If you’re wanting a modern black tie affair, ballrooms and art museums might be a better fit. Once you’ve settled on the overall aesthetic and feel for your wedding, you’ll have a much better idea of which venues to tour.

How to Choose Your Wedding Venue | Karen Elise Photography

Location & Seasons

Location and time of year affect your venue options. If its November in the chilly north, an outdoor wedding might not be practical. The same goes for the middle of the summer in desert states like Arizona. Grass, flowers, and trees will transition from wispy to lush green during spring and summer. In autumn the leaves will change and the landscape appear more golden brown. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you’ll want to take the natural background into consideration as this may affect the amount of additional decor you need.

How to Choose Your Wedding Venue | Karen Elise Photography

Guest Count

Knowing your general guest is important when choosing your venue. All venues have a limit on the amount of guests they can comfortably host. If you’re having a very small wedding, you can get married almost anywhere. If you’re expecting several hundred people instead, you can rule out smaller venues beforehand and avoid falling in love with one only to find out your guest count is much larger than the venue is able to accommodate.

How to Choose Your Wedding Venue | Karen Elise Photography

Bad Weather Option

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, I’m your number one fan! Outdoor weddings are absolutely stunning and offer a completely unique experience. If you choose a venue with natural views and beauty, there’s no need for anything but very simple decor. But while we all hope and pray for perfect weather on our wedding day, it’s always a good idea to choose a venue with an indoor option in case you need to head inside at the last minute. This can be as simple as planning an outdoor ceremony at a church with a pretty outdoor spot.

How to Choose Your Wedding Venue | Karen Elise Photography

All Inclusive Venues

Some venues are all inclusive, meaning that the venues supplies everything from tables, chairs, linens, dinnerware, and decor to the caterer, DJ, and photographer. Others may have a list of required vendors to choose from. If you want to bring in your own wedding team, this is something you’ll want to check into. If you find a venue you love that allows you to bring in your own team but don’t know where to start, you can ask for a list of recommended vendors. Reputable venues will be able to direct you to trustworthy vendors they’ve worked with before.

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How to Choose Your Wedding Venue | Karen Elise Photography
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How to Choose Your Wedding Venue

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