The room sparkled with a rainbow of colors. Girls in prom dresses and guys in suits and dress shirts, stood or sat in small groups. One by one, the couples walked outside for their mini photoshoot. Some of the girls’ dresses were sparkly and fun, much like their smiles. Others shone in feminine pastels or classic silhouettes. Each one was made more beautiful by allowing her unique personality to shine through.

I had a feeling that getting all dressed up and having their photo taken wasn’t exactly the guys’ idea of a good time. Imagine my surprise and delight when they not only tolerated me taking their photo but actually pulled out the genuine smiles I knew they all had inside! True love is defined as giving up our wants, needs, and desires for the greater good of someone else and these guys are it.

Amy and Devon, Kaitlyn and Curtis, Julie and Aaron, Kayla and Ken, Lavonda and Caleb, Jana and Orvan, Chip and Marie, and Jesse and Naomi, thank you for your gracious hearts! You are so full of life and potential. Steward it well, strive for excellence, and I know you’ll leave the world a better place than you found it. All the best, from my heart to yours! May the world know you by your love.

Prom Night Photoshoot

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