I still remember the way I felt when I first took that pregnancy test and saw that I tested positive. My heart sank and leaped all at the same time. I was completely blown away by the fact that there was a little person growing inside of me that was half me and half of daddy. I was also wrecked because I thought I knew what I wanted for my life the next year and getting pregnant wasn’t it. Let’s just say I was a little more young and stupid than I am now.

The moment you were placed in my arms, I was in awe. I felt a love, fiercer than any I had ever known before. I knew there was nothing I wouldn’t do to protect you. You were absolute perfection and immediately, I knew I was made for this.

You grew my heart in ways I never expected. Through your complete and utter trust, I saw a glimpse of what it means to “become like a little child” as I approach my heavenly Father. I felt the essence and started to understand his own deep, deep love for me.

Your smiles warmed my heart and your first explosive giggles filled my own heart with complete joy. You were the miracle I didn’t know I needed. You’ve caused me to grow and shown me the defects in my character. I’ve become more patient and my eyes have been opened to seeing things through someone else eyes.

Jaden Myles Bowman, you are a gift, a gift I have vowed to never take for granted. I’m sure we’ll grow together through the years and both our hearts will continue to expand but always, I will keep you in my heart as a source of joy. Happy 1st birthday son! I look forward to many more.

All my love,


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Happy Birthday Son

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