We’re all searching and wondering, some of us might be feeling more ill-equipped than others but I know we all feel the pressure of the unknown. I’ve run the course of researching, speculation, and keeping up with all the latest news. There’s a lot of information and opinions out there, along with plenty of problems if you want to find them.I have had to step back from the noise, away from social media, and the news for my own sanity. I’m sharing the personal Covid-19 lessons I’m learning, how I’m applying them, and how you can do the same.

One of the most heartbreaking things for me during this time has been seeing how it has driven human to human relationships apart. We’ve come to depend on technology and even taught to fear in-person relationships. I absolutely believe that we should be responsible and wise concerning our health and those for whom we are responsible. But this is going to look different for everyone and each person should have the freedom and responsibility to make their own choice.

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I think that trusted friends and committed relationships are an essential part of freedom, true safety, and a world where we not only responsibly care for our own families but also for those who are unable to take care of themselves. While I’m super thankful for technology and the way it connects us, I think it’s important that we value in-person relationships and cultivate those, encouraging one another through these uncertain times.

As we face an unknown future, there are several lessons I’m learning, specifically, that we are responsible for ourselves. I think we’ve come to depend on others in unhealthy ways to sustain our freedom, food sustainability, and health. Now, more than ever, it’s time to take responsibility and uphold the things we’ve long taken for granted.

Covid-19 Lessons I’m Learning

Knowing basic skills like food production, preserving, natural remedies, and self sufficiency brings a certain sense of peace. First, we have to know and trust that God is our source and will take care of us as his children. Then, we also have the responsibility of looking ahead and preparing for the future, be it better or worse than we expect.

Focusing on my own home and applying myself to the areas I know I can do something about, along with prayer, has brought so much peace, joy, and purpose to my life during this time instead of focusing on the “what ifs.” Growing up, sustainability and homesteading was just part of life and I am so grateful for the skills I learned. Nevertheless, I’m spending the extra time I have right now to learn more and practice these skills.

Food Production

  • learn skills like gardening, cooking and baking from scratch, home preservation like canning, drying, and freezing (I love learning from Jess at Roots and Refuge on YouTube and Melissa K. Norris via her podcast, Pioneering Today and her blog)
  • look into animal food production like rising your own meat, dairy, and eggs
  • learn about foraging for medical and culinary plants

Health and Wellness

  • learn about raising and using medicinal herbs
  • educate yourself about supporting your immune system through good nutrition, exercise, and natural supplements



  • get educated on local, state, and federal lawmaking and what you can do to ensure that Biblical principals and freedom are upheld
  • be a voice and take responsibility for the future of our country instead of taking it for granted that we’ll always “be free”

Other Skills

  • now is a great time to learn skills like sewing, construction, etc.
  • learn and practice skills that provide value to others in order to provide income and/or simply be a blessing

Start Slowly

Whew! That’s a lot, I know. Wherever you are in your journey, these are the skills I’m focusing on and encourage you to do the same. The way you apply these skills might look different depending on your home and season of life. My encouragement to you is to allow that to be a reason to think outside the box instead of allowing it to limit you. Whether that means container gardening or doing something unconventional, the saying “where there’s a will, there’s a way,” is well applied.

Start with baby steps and add on to your skills as time goes on. Focus on 2-3 skills that stand out to you and that are a good fit for your life. Many of these things take years but then again, you might be surprised at what you can actually do with a little dedication and creativity.

Most Importantly

I’m leaving you with this one because it’s really the most important; cultivate your relationship with God. Hard times have a way of driving us to our knees and I believe that’s exactly where God wants us. Read your bible and ground yourself in the promises of God.

Read Revelations, it’s not as scary or mysterious as it seems. While there are a lot of word pictures because it is a prophetic book, it’s also a promise and reminder of what a majestic God we serve. We’re not promised that the end will be easy but we are promised that He will never leave us, nor forsake us. He is returning for a spotless bride who has kept herself only for him and more than anything, I want to be a part of that bride and I trust your desire is the same.

If you have more questions or need specific resources, please reach out me via Instagram DM’s or email me at contact@Kareneliseco.com

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The Covid-19 Lessons I’m Learning

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