I never imagined I’d get to photograph a baby sibling’s in-home newborn session after having my own baby. I’ve been asked if it seems strange, and honestly, not at all. It’s definitely uncommon but it’s also the coolest big family. While it’s obviously not the same as having my own baby, in a way it feels similar since I’m a mom myself.

I photographed an in-home newborn session for my aunt several years but since it’s something I don’t offer to the general public, this was a fun creative project very different from my usual work. I helped my mom choose two black and white images to print and I can’t wait to see these beautiful portraits hung as art above Ethan’s crib.

Ethan is loved and doted on by all. With three older sisters and four older brothers at home and us living only minutes away, there’s almost always someone available to hold him. I might be biased but I do think my parents have the cutest babies (after us, but that’s still partially to their credit,) not to mention the fact my mom doesn’t look like she’s old enough to have a 21 year with a baby of her own. If I age as well as she has and mother with at least a good portion of her same grace and love, I’ll consider those years well lived.

in-home newborn session | Karen Elise Photography

My Baby Brother’s In-home Newborn Session

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