Kevin and Royal’s Fall Mini Session was the first time I’ve photographed them since their wedding almost two years ago. Since then, they’ve added a sweet little baby boy to their family with eyelashes that would make any girl envious. At eight and a half months old, Keveon loves his mama and daddy and smiles happily for the camera with one of them behind it to entertain him.

After snapping some family photos, we sat Keveon on a blanket and handed him the truck keys to play with. Then, it was time for my favorite photos to happen. I love making time for Mama and Daddy take photos together of just the two of them.

As parents, it’s easy to get caught up in the responsibilities of adult life and forget to just take time for each other. I love how something as simple as taking photos together can remind you of how much you love your spouse for who they are as a person.

Royal & Kevin’s Fall Mini Session

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