The excitement was almost tangible. Blue and pink balloons hung in an arch on the wall behind them. Everyone wore a sticker with their vote for either team boy or team girl. Their friends and family gathered around them along with several people on Facetime who were unable to make it in person.

All four grandparents-to-be held confetti and powder poppers. Everyone held their breath as the countdown began. “It’s a girl!” Kayla jumped up and down with the biggest smile on her face before jumping into Zach’s arms. Their friends and family were almost as excited as them and were cheering all around them. Not only was this a first baby but also the first Stoltzfus grandchild. After hugs and high-fives all around and several group photos to remember the night, everyone dug into the delicious meal prepared.

Kayla and Zach are the absolute sweetest people with the sweetest best friends. Hannah contacted me about photographing her friends’ gender reveal party and when I got there I was even more assured of the fact Hannah is an amazing friend to have. She had done an amazing job decorating and making food and I know Zach and Kayla felt so loved! The party was hosted at Zach’s parents’ home and his mom, Heidi greeted me at the door. Everyone was ready and after grabbing a few detail shots in the basement where the party was set up, I invited everyone to come downstairs. I felt so lucky to be able to celebrate with them and loved their excitement!

Congratulations Zach and Kayla! Welcoming a baby into your hearts and home is such an exciting time. I still marvel at the miracle of a little human that’s part of yourself and part of the person you love more than anyone else in the world. Children are such a blessing and joy! Yes, they bring a whole level of personal refinement but once you meet them, you also can’t imagine your life without them.

Kayla & Zach’s Gender Reveal Party

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