I’m almost wiping tears right now. It’s three months after my sister’s wedding. How do I sum up the day that my best friend married the love of her life? Joy, nostalgia, and tears only begin to describe my emotions that day. It was the day that we’d dreamed of and planned for so long. As a big sister, my heart was overflowing to see Doris unite her life with a man who saw her, knew her, and loved her for who she was.

Doris and I grew up fighting, a lot. I still remember the day my mom told us, “figure it out,” when we once again came to her wanting her to settle something. I think something shifted that day. We both had to learn relationship skills. Our relationship changed in a big way when we both became born again. Over time, she became my closest and dearest friend. I’ve been married for four years and of course looked forward to the day we could be wives and homemakers together.

I was in my happy place helping Doris and Al plan their wedding. From dress shopping to planning every little detail, I loved it all. There were lots and lots of phone calls. When it came down to the week of the wedding we had an incredible team of friends and family that did so much work. Setup and tear down went so smoothly and I have to credit it to planning and the hardworking team we had.

It was the most beautiful day at Union 12 captured by Film by Kait. I’m still gaga over Doris’s custom designed lace and organza gown by Normony Design. I had the honor and joy of bringing Doris’s elegant bohemian floral dreams to life. The bridesmaids wore a beautiful shade of champagne in mix and match styles. Accents of eucalyptus green were brought in through the florals and reception runners.

I usually write my blog posts with my writing first and then the photos. Since this wedding is obviously really personal for me, I’m sharing my thoughts throughout the photos as well. Enjoy this dream day through my eyes.

This group of girls made this day happen (along with many more special friends traveling in from afar.) From ironing A LOT of tablecloths, setting up the reception, and clean up, we couldn’t have done it without each and every one who pitched in and MADE IT HAPPEN!

These pictures of Doris and I are some of my favorite moments. They feel quiet, deep, and full of anticipation. They capture our relationship in so many ways.

Can you even?! The details of this dress SHINE right here.

I got to watch Al and Doris’s first look from several feet away. It’s always one of my favorite moments and the fact that it was my sister made it so much more special.

The way he looks at her, (I’m getting choked up.)

Doris is beautiful all the time but boy, did she glow and radiate beauty on her wedding day. I occasionally just looked at her and admired her, haha! 🙂

Love love love this shot! It’s another one of those that I can just look at for a while. Everyone looks so pretty!

This of course has to be my other favorite. My sister is about to get married!

I had a feeling the bridal party would be a riot and they didn’t disappoint. I feel like this photo captures the mood of the entire day.

Doris’s first look with Dad makes me cry. I remember the exact feeling I felt walking up to him in this moment on my own wedding day. It’s a big moment; the day your father gives you away to another man. It’s kind of bittersweet and full of big emotions.

My family. The people I love most in the whole world. We’ve been through a lot together, heartbreak and joy. We’re still on a journey of healing, wholeness, and hope. One thing I know, we’ll always be in it together and I’ll always fight with and for them.

This photo makes me so happy. My three sisters are some of my dearest friends and I just love seeing us all together like this.

This photo is another one of those really special ones. My grandma has been battling declining health for several years. She’s a warrior and I’m so incredibly grateful to be part of the legacy she’s leaving.

Ok, how is this my baby sister!? She’s not a baby anymore, that’s for sure. She’s becoming a beautiful young woman so fast and I feel like I’m just trying to keep up.

“Sethie!” I was so proud of my little brothers, Seth and Aaron! You can tell it’s a big deal to walk alone in front of so many people but they did it so well. 🙂

Am I the only one who loves a teary eyed groom? Maybe it’s because of the stigma, “real men don’t cry” that makes a moment like this so special. I think the whole idea about men not crying is stupid. True strength is not defined by outward toughness or muscles. (Although Doris will let you she know she does like his muscles, haha.) 😉 I believe that vulnerability and the ability to connect with and communicate what’s going on inside takes more strength and courage than shoving everything deep inside.

Al wasn’t the only emotional one. Doris had a hard time trying to stay composed coming down the aisle as well.

Can you see why I had a hard time trying to keep from “ugly crying?”

Here I really did lose it and was probably the most distracting bridesmaid ever. Al and Doris wrote personal vows and they were so beautiful. With all the preparation we did, somehow we forgot to make sure we had tissues up front. I desperately needed one and had the challenging task of trying to signal to my husband, Aaron, without making a scene.

The bridal party couples all did some kind of cool entrance and it was so much fun! Karena, taught Leon a great dance move and totally impressed me!

My uncle, Jesse, put a rubber snorting pig beside Doris’s place (it’s an inside joke,) which I of course had to annoy her with just a little bit.

More tears.

I love this venue shot and think Union 12 should use it as their new advertising photo!

Sunset photos are always magical and these don’t dissapoint. This closeup is definitely a favorite.

And they’re off!


Coordinator: Mary Ellen Burkholder

Floral Design: Karen Elise Co.

Venue: Union 12

Bridal Shop: Normony Design • Bridesmaid’s Dresses: JJ’s House • Hair: Elegant Hair By Sarah Jess • Cake: Eva’s Elegant Sweets • Paper Products: Karen Elise Co. • Photography: Film by Kait• Videography: Story Light Films • Sound & Music: Ken Mullet

Doris and Al’s Elegant Bohemian Wedding at Union 12

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