What does it take to have a great marriage? I’ve been thinking about this question and about Aaron and I’s relationship. We have to work through things just like everyone else does but I feel like there are habits we’ve incorporated into our marriage that have made big difference in our relationship.

1. We Go to Bed and Get Up Together

Aaron and I both have a lot going on throughout the day and it will only become more so as we welcome our first little baby into our home. Helping each other wrap up projects in the evening so we can go to bed together gives us time to unwind, talk about our day, and pray together.

While Aaron sometimes gets up super early for work and I’ll go back to bed after he leaves, getting up with him and spending a little time together is really special. Yes, I would often rather stay in bed but I get to go back to sleep while my amazing husband goes to work to provide for us and losing a little sleep is well worth the sacrifice.

2. We Don’t Take Our Phones into the Bedroom

This is something we talked about right from the beginning of our marriage and I’m so glad we did. Real alarm clocks do exist and we actually use an OLD cell phone that literally does nothing but play music and has an alarm clock that still works. Not having access to the internet or text messages in our bedroom forces us to connect and turns off all distractions. This has made our bedroom a haven and a special place to relax and enjoy being together.

3. We Express Verbal Appreciation

As the months go by it’s easier to get used to living together and forget to appreciate the little things that we do for each other. Whether it’s making the bed, taking out the trash, or fixing meals for each other, intentionally taking the time to notice it and express appreciation has made such a big difference in our marriage. Expressing appreciation for the little things keeps us from just expecting it and instead, reminds us daily of the gift we are to each other.

4. We Eat Meals Together

This is something that was actually a bit of challenge for me at first. We usually sat down to eat together but maybe I would have eaten something just before dinner and wasn’t very hungary. I didn’t think much about it until Aaron mentioned something about it and shared how it made him feel. It might seem like a small thing but making meals a special time of enjoying good food and talking about our day has a unique way of building connection.

5. We Make Time for Date Night

Aaron and I have made a commitment to live debt free and to be good stewards of our finances. Sometimes this means we eat an early dinner at home and then spend the evening playing games or reading together instead of going out to eat for a traditional date. Daily life and tasks have a way of consuming our thoughts and relationship if we let them. Being intentional about taking time off just to do something fun together keeps our relationship fresh and guards against just becoming roommates.

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Habits for a Great Marriage

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