Joanna absolutely glowed. But it wasn’t without previous hard work and overcoming challenges. She’s faced some health challenges I can only imagine going through. There’s been some really hard days, dark days even. While I know that her journey’s not over and that choosing joy is a daily choice, I loved seeing her vibrant and strong.

Although we don’t see David and Joanna other a whole lot, Aaron and I consider them some of our best friends. There are some friendships that don’t require constant effort to maintain. They’re one of those for us and no matter how long it’s been since we’ve seen each other, we can always pick up where we left off.

David and Joanna have two little girls, Audrianna and Brynlee, who are only 16 months apart in age, just like my sister Doris and I. My mom has shared that sometimes it felt like she had two babies at once. While I know that being a mom isn’t always easy, Joanna has been an example to me. She makes her home and little girls her first priority, loving and training them with gentleness.

David and Joanna, thank you for your friendship. Thank you for being someone who seems to “get us.” It was such a gift to capture this season of your life as a way for you to remember those fleeting moments that are so quickly forgotten. Keep on loving each other well, you truly are a light to the world!

David and Joanna’s Indiana Autumn Family Session

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