Many more families than ever before are homeschooling this year and that’s where these homeschool photos come in. Whether it’s due to restrictions or simply by choice, parents and children alike have had to adjust. I believe that our children’s education is first and primarily our responsibility as parents. That doesn’t mean that homeschooling is right for everyone or the only right way.

Like any other schooling, there are good and less than great ways to school. I’m not in a position to teach or even share any expert opinion on homeschooling. I can only share from my own experience, education, and learning from others. I’ve noticed that when children become interested in a subject and are given the freedom to learn things in an interactive way, they almost teach them themselves in their excitement.

Which sounds more interesting to you, learning about plant life through a diagram in a textbook or going outside and seeing an actual flower? Suddenly, it comes alive! You are able to smell it’s sweet scent, touch it’s smooth petals, and see it’s clinging pollen.

We’ve been accustomed to institutional schooling and this is such a different approach. There’s definitely a place for intense study and book work, especially as children become older. But too often, young active learning minds are crammed with book work and develop a distaste for anything labeled as “school” or “learning.”

My desire for myself and for my children is develop and grow a love of learning. I want to always be curious, to continue to see the world through new eyes. I’m only at the beginning of my journey but I’m loving every bit of it.

Homeschool “Yearbook” Photos

Last week I had the opportunity to hang out with a newly homeschooling family. They have a family tradition with their yearly school photos. Each child has a row on a cabinet with a photo from each year, one stacked on the other. I loved seeing the changes and maturity through the years. From one to another, it seems minor but when you compare the first to the last, there’s such a difference. When they began homeschooling this last year, they wanted to continue this tradition and I was so honored to photograph them in this new season!

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