My, how time flys! For the longest time, Wilma was “Little Wilma.” She was kind of like my little sister. Today, she’s married, has a sweet little boy, and is one of my closest friends. While I enjoy photographing anyone, there’s something special about photographing friends. You know the ups and downs they’ve been through to experience the joy and love they share. Somehow it makes the smiles on their faces all the more sweet.

We were able to shoot this session on one of the last warm days of October. The weather turned frosty and chilly several days later. (We even had snow this morning!) Later I also took several photos of Wilma’s sisters’, Niva and Rachel. It feels like I’ve known these girls most of my life (and I have.) It’s finally sinking in that they’re all grown up. And such beautiful young women they are. It’s a joy for me to see them find their own tastes and discover what they truly care about.

Leon and Wilma, I feel so blessed to call you our friends. Wilma, you and I have had our share of spats but thankfully we’ve both grown up enough to know that we like being friends more than we like bickering. 😉 You’ve cared for us in our hardest moments and I will never forget that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the special place you fill in my life.

Niva and Rachel, you just make me smile so much. You’re both so talented and skilled in many things. Most of all though, I love your hearts and who you are as women. You shine with beauty, dignity, and graceful femininity. We both know you know how to get down and dirty though when the need calls for it and I love that about you. 🙂 I look forward to to watching the amazing journey I know you’re on.

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